The Noid

The Noid was a character who was featured on 1980's advertisements from Domino's Pizza with the slogan "Avoid the Noid" and was depicted as an obnoxious villain who was the star of the advertisements and likes to ruin pizzas. He uses a tremendous number of weapons to sabotage pizzas, in which destroying pizzas was his most important mission, but he always fails. He appears to be a red humanoid claymation figure with rabbit-like ears, a red jumpsuit with the N symbol on his torso, representing his name, and white cartoon gloves. The commercials he starred in were very successful, which made him become more than just an advertising icon; he has appeared throughout many pop-culture media, such as in two video games, Avoid the Noid on the Commodore 64, and a Nintendo Entertainment System video game from Capcom titled Yo! Noid, where it features him as an anti-hero who is set to save New York City from his evil counterpart Mr. Green, who appears to be a green duplicate. He has spawned a cameo appearance in the animated television series titled Family Guy, and was killed by Major Adam West for stepping on his pizza. Back in 1989, a man that went by the name of Kenneth Lamar Noid, thought the Noid was based off him, and kidnapped two employees of Domino's Pizza, demanding $100,000 and forcing them to make him a pizza. After the police arrested him, the police chief stated he was "paranoid".

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