The Maniac
The Hockey-Masked Maniac is a villain from Dan Vs. and appears as the villain of the episode, Dan Vs. The Family Camping Trip. He is based on Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

He has went on a psychotic rampage in Lake Sequester ten years ago. However, the radio have said that he has escaped from prison, which means he is going to attack the forest again. Chris told Elise's parents he read an article about the maniac during the morning before going on the camping trip. He returns to the forest, but gets shot by Crunchy (though he thought he shot a bear) and is sent down to the water.

Dan pretends that he's going to kill Chris, Colby, and Elise's family, but they realize he's not the true maniac because the real maniac is supposed to be seven feet tall and is also supposed to have a chainsaw, not a weed wacker. The maniac then shows up, Chris freaks out, and the maniac chases Dan down the forest and tries to kill Elise's parents. A bear then knocks him out, with Elise, Sr. taking pictures of him doing so. The bear has been shot by Crunchy (but it is still alive), and caught the maniac shot. The maniac is last seen in a police officer's car and is sent to prison. The officer tells everyone "it's the last they'll see of the hockey-mased maniac, unless he escapes again".

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