Booda Sack
Your urethra is so narrow, sperm be going through there single file! Hut, two, three, four! Sperm, two, three, four!
~ Booda Sack making fun of Hank.

Roger Sack, better known by the alias, Booda Sack, is a character from the cartoon comedy series called King of the Hill. He first appeared in the episode, Traffic Jam. He is voiced by Chris Rock. He is a former stand-up comedy teacher and is now an employee of Strickland Propane. He was teaching at the defensive driving school in the style of stand-up comedy. Everyone aside from Hank Hill, who was shocked and disgusted by his jokes, thought his jokes were funny. Bobby learns that his father met Booda Sack, and turned out to be a fan of him when he first saw him on television three years ago, making fun of white people because "they have no butts".

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