Princess Anna is the main protagonist in the Disney movie Frozen. She is the sister of Queen Elsa, who is four years older than Anna is. She appears to have strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles around her face. During the intro of the film, she fell in love with the villainous Prince Hans of the Southern Isles who betrayed her during the middle of the film by leaving her out to die by getting frozen to death, fleeing to decapitate her older sister because the citizens of Arendelle fear her. After Anna gives her last words to Hans, she punched him off the ship, and fell in love with the more noble Kristoff. She is voiced by Kristen Bell. She is going to join the Disney Princess line-up making her the twelve of Disney princesses.

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She, along with her older sister Queen Elsa, are playable characters in the crossover game Disney Infinity. They are Toy Box exclusive characters in the game which means Frozen did not get a playset.