Oogie boogie

Oogie Boogie is the villain of the Tim Burton movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is a boogeyman and wants to kill Santa Claus and overthrow Jack Skellington as the Pumpkin King. He is a skilled gambler and is a sack of bugs, snakes, and spiders.


The Nightmare Before ChristmasEdit

Oogie first appears in shadow form as the "Shadow on the Moon at Night" during the This Is Halloween song. However, he makes his full appearance when his minions, Lock, Shock, and Barrel disobey Jack's orders not to involve Oogie in their kidnapping of Santa and bring Santa to Oogie, who chains him up and torments him. Sally attempts to rescue Santa by distracting Oogie with her dismembered leg, but he soon catches on and she is captured as well. Oogie prepares to drop them into a fiery pit when Sally tells him Jack won't let him get away with it. However, just then, Jack is announced dead after being shot down by the military. Fortunately, Jack survives and realizes how much he has ruined Christmas and that Halloween needs him, and sets off to find Santa and Sally. He sneaks into Oogie's lair and rescues the two just as Oogie is about to dumb them into the pit. Oogie attempts to kill Jack by using several traps and torture devices, but Jack manages to evade all of them. As Oogie makes an attempt to escape, Jack pulls one of his loose threads and rips off his entire burlap sack, revealing a colony of bugs inside him. The colony fall into the fiery pit, while one of them, trying to escape, is crushed by Santa.

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