Nick Wilde
Background information
Feature films Zootopia
Big Hero 6 (cameo)
Television programs
Video games Disney INFINITY 3.0
Disney Crossy Road
Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
Zootopia: Crime Files
Disney Tsum Tsum
Disney Emoji Blitz
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jason Bateman
Kath Soucie (as a child)
Performance model
Inspiration Robin Hood
Cary Grant
Han Solo from the Star Wars saga
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Nicholas Piberius Wilde
Other names Officer Wilde

Slick Nick
Mr. Wilde
Sly Fox
Dumb Fox
Nicky (referred to by Mr. Big)

Personality Slick, charismatic, mischievous, cocky, opinionated, cynical, cunning, calculating, intelligent, sly, wise-cracking, caring, good-hearted, selfless, vulnerable, witty, sentimental
Appearance Slender fox, red fur, large ears, cream muzzle, dark purple nose, green eyes, light green Hawaiian shirt, dark indigo necktie with red-and-blue stripes, brownish-gray pants
Age 32
Occupation Con artist (formerly)

Police officer

Affiliations Neutral, later good
Home Zootopia
Relatives Mrs. Wilde (mother)
Unnamed father
Allies Judy Hopps, Finnick, Flash, Chief Bogo, Mr. Big, Koslov
Enemies Duke Weaselton, Bellwether, Doug
Likes Money, teasing Finnick, toying with Bellwether's wool, sunglasses, Judy's moxie, blueberries, sassing Chief Bogo, hustling, Judy Hopps, pawpsicles, coffee, bantering with Finnick
Dislikes Muzzles, prejudice, being tricked, betrayal, debts, discrimination, claw marks
Powers and abilities Night vision
Fate Joins the police force as Judy's partner
Quote "Careful now, or it won't be just your dreams getting crushed."

Nick Wilde is the deuteragonist of the 2016 Disney animated feature film Zootopia.

Official description Edit

Nick Wilde is a charming, small-time, con artist fox with a big mouth and a lot of opinions. But when a rabbit cop outsmarts him, he finds himself actually helping her solve a mystery.

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