Background information
Feature films Megamind
Television programs
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Will Ferrell
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Intelligent, eccentric, and self-absorbed.
Appearance Slender blue alien with an enlarged head and green eyes.
Occupation Supervillain (formerly)
Metro City's protector
Goal To destroy Metro Man (formerly)
To protect Metro City
Home Metro City
Allies Minion and Roxanne Ritchi.
Enemies Metro Man (formerly) and Tighten.
Likes Escaping jail and destiny.
Dislikes Being imprisoned and not getting the girl.
Powers and abilities
Weapons Dehydration gun, and anti-serum gun.
Fate Becomes Metro City's new protector.

Megamind is the former villain and anti-hero protagonist of the DreamWorks Animation superhero comedy film of the same name. He is voiced by Will Ferrell.


Early YearsEdit

Megamind and Minion were the last of their kind to survive. They flew a spaceship together, where they've met Megamind's superhero nemesis Metro Man. He and Minion flew to Metro City Prison. Megamind went to a schoolhouse along with Metro Man, where he was always the blacksheet of the bunch, as he mentioned. Megamind never got to do the things that were comfortable for him back in his school days. He was destined to be a supervillain and the rival of Metro Man.


Megamind was in prison tricking the warden for joy. He took the watch away from the warden so he could find a secret way to get out of jail. He noticed the watch could turn him into anyone, even into Metro Man. He escaped prison while disguised as the warden. He jumped into the invisible car with Minion, to go and kidnap local news reporter Roxanne Ritchi. They put a bag on her head and put her in the car. Megamind went back to his lair interrogating with Roxanne. Metro Man and Megamind started arguing with each other before he noticed he kidnapped Roxanne. Metro Man flew to the wrong observatory without being reminded at first. Megamind and Minion started taking control of the death ray. He and Metro Man go into interrogation one again. While in danger, Metro Man noticed Megamind was intending to kill him with a death ray, and pretended that his weakness was copper. Once the death ray hit, Metro Man faked his death and threw a skeleton to Megamind's lair. After "killing" his arch-nemesis, he lives in happiness and takes over Metro City while living his criminal life. Later on, he becomes very upset that he is a villain with no heroes to face off. He went to the Metro Man Museum disguised as a guy named Bernard, tricking Roxanne later on. He blew up the Metro Man statue, getting scared. The next day, Megamind planned on creating a new hero to face off. He chose cameraman Hal Stewart to become part of his plan. He gave him the mighty and immovable powers of Metro Man.

Over the course of the next several days, Megamind, while disguising himself as Hal's "Space-Dad", trained him to become Metro City's new hero, while alternating between spending time with Roxanne disguised as Bernard. After deeming Hal ready to face off against him, Megamind trademarked Hal's superhero name as Titan, though Hal mistook it as Tighten. However, Megamind began to question being a supervillain as he enjoyed life with Roxanne, and an embittered Minion abandoned him. In spite of this, Megamind, disguised as Bernard, went on a date with Roxanne, during which she found out about his true identity and, enraged at having been deceived, rejected him. Brokenhearted, Megamind vowed to battle Hal and went on a rampage in the city the next day while piloting a giant robot. However, when Hal refused to show up, Megamind broke into Hal's apartment and discovered that Hal, who also harbored feelings for Roxanna but had been rejected by her too, had committed several crimes. Horrified, Megamind goaded Hal into fighting him be revealing that he had made a fool out of him by disguising himself as both Hal's Space-Dad and Bernard. Enraged, Hal battled Megamind throughout the city, ultimately subduing him and destroying the robot. However, Hal revealed he now intended to kill Megamind rather than incarcerate him, and Megamind attempted to trap him in an emergency copper ball, but Hal was unaffected. Panicking, Megamind fled while Hal went on a rampage through the city.

Seeing no other option, Megamind arrived at Roxanne's apartment and pleaded for her to help find Hal's weakness. Roxanne reluctantly drove Megamind to Metro Man's secret lair, which turned out to be Megamind and Metro Man's former school. While investigating the school, the two discovered Metro Man to still be alive, now wanting to become a musician. The former superhero refused to fight Hal, but attempted to inspire Megamind to stop him. However, Megamind instead turns himself over to prison, resigning himself to the role of a villain. While imprisoned, Megamind watches a television screen and discovers that Hal has abducted Roxanne and demands that Megamind arrive and fight him. Megamind pleads for the warden to release him, but the warden turns out to be a disguised Minion. The two reconcile and set off out of prison to fight Hal. Minion disguises himself as Megamind and rescues Roxanne, but is subdued when Hal impales him with the pinnacle of Metro Tower. However, Megamind disguises himself as Metro Man and chases Hal out of Metro City. As the city briefly celebrates, Hal realizes he has been tricked and returns to face Megamind. Hal easily gains the upper hand until Megamind manages to get a hold of the anti-serum gun in the invisible car. However, Hal tosses Megamind into the air. Megamind manages to survive by dehydrating himself just as he lands in a fountain, rehydrating himself just in time to fire the anti-serum into Hal, reverting him to normal.

Hal was later incarcerated in Megamind's prison while Megamind is accepted as Metro City's new hero and becomes Roxanne's fiance. Metro City dedicates a new statue in Megamind's honor, as a disguised Metro Man congratulates him.