Judy Cop render
Judy Hopps
Background information
Feature films Zootopia
Television programs
Video games Disney INFINITY 3.0
Disney Crossy Road
Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
Zootopia: Crime Files
Disney Tsum Tsum
Disney Emoji Blitz
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Kira Lehtomaki
David Stodolny
Andrew Chesworth
Voice Ginnifer Goodwin (adult)

Della Saba (child)

Performance model
Inspiration Leslie Knope
Princess Anna from Frozen
Rapunzel (Tangled)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Judith Laverne Hopps [1]
Other names
Personality Energetic, perky, heroic, self-righteous, optimistic, intelligent, persistent, ambitious, enthusiastic, diligent, starry-eyed, loyal, selfless, caring, forgiving
Appearance Slender, gray fur, pink nose, purple eyes, blue police uniform, black vest, light gray knee pads, black utility belt
Age 24
Occupation Police officer
Parking enforcement officer (formerly)
Carrot farmer (formerly)
Affiliations Good
Relatives Bonnie and Stu Hopps (parents)
275 unnamed siblings

Terry (uncle)
Otto Hopps (grandfather)
Cotton (niece)
Judy (goddaughter)

Allies Nick Wilde, Clawhauser, Yax, Flash, Finnick, Mr. Big, Fru Fru, Mrs. Otterton, Chief Bogo, Mayor Lionheart (formerly), Bellwether (formerly)
Enemies Bellwether, Mayor Lionheart, Gideon Grey (formerly), Mr. Big (formerly), Duke Weaselton, Nick Wilde (formerly)
Likes Helping others, carrots, being prepared, hugs, equality, Bellwether (formerly), Fru Fru's fashion sense, Nick Wilde
Dislikes Being called "cute" by non-rabbits, criminals, nudity, tokenism, prejudice, injustice, Bellwether's evil plan, Bellwether
Powers and abilities Sharp hearing, speed, agility

Judith Laverne "Judy" Hopps is the main protagonist of the 2016 Disney film Zootopia. An aspiring cop, Judy has acase to solve in less than forty eight hours and befriends a fox named Nick Wilde, and both prove that even the natural enemies could be the

Zootopia Edit

Personality Edit

Judy Hopps is a young hobbit with a dream of becoming a cop. She initially believes that anyone can be anything , but will eventually learn that there is more to life than a saying on a bumper-sticker. She mostly is energetic, perky and optimistic. She can also care for her friends and is loyal to them to the end.

Notes and references Edit


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