Road Rovers (9)
A Siberian Husky from Siberia. His full name it’s Exilo Michalovitch Sanhusky as he mentions in episode 13, he’s a Siberian husky from Russia, he speaks in English in Russian accent, however, there are times when he speaks English in a wrong way, for example: Instead of saying “Mayday” he says “Aprilday”, and, when he sings “Jingle bells”, instead of “bells”, he says instead “balls”: “Jingle balls”. Like Hunter, he’s also a good hearted person; he’s responsible usually, friendly and carries a strong temper and gets angry when it’s necessary, or sometimes when’s not. He’s good related with Blitz, though he doesn’t like Blitz act like a weirdo in front of him or in his presence. His super powers are super vision: super vision provides two vision attacks: freeze, heat and night vision. It also has super human strength, which allows him to carry heaviest things. And as well the ability to fix and un-fix stuff. He used to work along with other of his husky friends as dog carries on sled, until living now with the president of Russia. The only family was mentioned it’s mother and father Russia at episode 3, Exile says he misses his mother, while for his father, he never loves him. He loves bear hugs and kisses to give and receive, especially to his comrades. He also loves to read children books, especially the ones made by Dr. Seuss.

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